Project Writeup

The Darker Side

How It Started

I was excited to start this five week project because of what I chose as the topic. I chose to write a blog about supernatural topics. I wanted to choose a subject that would have lots of possibilities and also one that would be really interesting. I wanted my posts to entertain the reader. They might also learn something from the posts, I know I did. Some of these topics have historical value. These are stories that have been passed on for years and years. It was really interesting to see that and do research on these topics.

This project will be to create a blog that shares posts about supernatural topics. The purpose of the blog will be to educate and entertain the reader on these particular topics.

How It Went

This project didn’t feel like a normal assignment but what I realized shortly after starting, was that it would be harder than what I first thought. Some of the topics were not as easy to find information on than others. There also wasn’t as many academic sources as I thought. A lot of the most interesting information came from other blogs or articles. I was surprised to find some good websites that actually had a lot of information on some of these topics. For example, in my post Bigfoot, I got a lot of interesting information from Animal Planet. Another example is the History website. I found a lot of good information for some of my posts on there. One of these posts was Roswell UFO Incident. The blog was more work than what I originally thought so I had to make sure I had enough time to work on my posts. I started making a schedule every week and picking my topics ahead of time so that I stayed on track.

I think that as I wrote more, I got more comfortable with it. My posts felt like they flowed better and I also started incorporating some personal stories and things like that. I never said anything about if I believed in what I was posting about. It wanted it to be about educating the reader and entertaining them. In the end I wanted them to decide for themselves if they believed any of it. I wanted to get them thinking about things. In the feedback I got from my classmates and others who have read my blog, it seemed like they enjoyed that aspect of it. They wanted to read about it and wanted to think about the possibilities so they could form their own opinions. I didn’t have a lot of visitors but I had more than what I thought I was going to have, which was nice to see. When I looked on the stats, my most popular posts seemed to be focused on aliens and the more scary topics. I’m not really surprised by that. These posts included Roswell UFO Incident, Men in Black, Werewolves, and Hell’s Gate Bridge. These topics were fun to write about but one thing I learned was that I shouldn’t choose a really scary topic about to write before I went to sleep. I tried to write those during the day.

I kept the blog organized. The posts were on the main page by date. I kept them categorized by what I considered them to be; myths, legends, folklore, or historical. I also kept an uncategorized category for the stories that were not really specified. They could be considered multiple categories or none at all. It was for the more stranger posts. This included my posts about extra-terrestrials.

One thing I decided to add to my blog was a weekly feature called Ghost Stories. I posted five of those. I got to add more of my personal experiences which made them fun to write. In my last post about that topic, I even posted a personal story and included a picture. That one was Ghost Stories: Part 5. In that one I talked about how some towns seem to have “resignated haunted places.” I shared the one from my hometown and included a picture of it. In my post Ghost Stories: Part 3, I also included a personal story that I thought made the post interesting.

How It Ended

This past week I had fun writing up these posts. I was a little sad because I knew the project was coming to an end. Some of the newer things I posted about were Werewolves, the Mothman, Ouija Boards, and Friday the 13th. The last week and a half I thought would be worse than it was. I thought I would feel burnt out or unmotivated. It was almost the opposite. I think some of my last posts were my longest and best written. I found some pretty interesting information on them which made them fun to write. Some of the posts I’m particulary proud of would have to be Werewolves, the Mothman, Shadow People, and Ouija Boards. I thought they would be really entertaining to the reader. My posts about Ouija Boards and Shadow People contain a lot of interesting information about the history of them and how they became what they are today. My post about Werewolves had some good information and also contained a lot of links to things that the readers would probably be interested in. I saved the Mothman for last because I thought that was a really interesting topic. There was even a movie made based on that legend. That posts tells the whole legend of the Mothman, how it started to how it ended.

I chose to write 4-5 times a week with my posts being 500-1000 words, not only because it was in my contract but also because I felt I had to, to do the blog justice. I don’t think these posts could have been under 500 words. Some couldn’t have been under 1,000 words. There was just too much to important information that was crucial to their stories.

I will be contracting for 250 points. I will be posting 4-5 times a week. My posts will be 500-1000 words. Each post will have a new topic. These topics will be well researched. These posts will contain links to the online sources I used and also possibly to other relevant information on the web. The blog will be well focused and organized.

Overall, I had a really fun time with this project. It helped me realize how fun researching can be. I think I have gotten better at that which will help me through out my career. Another thing it helped me realize is that these topics may not be factual but they are still important. These stories are a part of history. They are an important part of culture. These stories have been passed down generations. They have been inspirations to books, movies, tv-shows, websites, comics, etc. They offer an “out” of the world we know. They might not be factual but they inspire people to think about the possibilities and all that exists beyond what we know. These stories also contain a lot of different subjects, like science, history, and literature. I learned a lot from researching these topics and I think the readers will learn a lot too. I also think they will be entertained because I really enjoyed writing these posts. I plan to continue writing the blog about once a week because I really enjoy it and I think it will make me a better writer.




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