Weekly Report #5

This week I worked on a few different things throughout my blog. I did my usual 4-5 posts but also went back and looked at my older posts. After looking at the feedback I received from some of my classmates, I turned to my blog to adjust some things. It was brought to my attention that in one of my posts I didn’t add links through out it, just at the end. I actually forgot to add them in. I’m really glad Kendra noticed and put it in her post. I was worried that I had forgotten other things so I went back and looked at all of my posts. I am glad I did because there was a few times I missed things. There was also grammar mistakes and things like that, that I missed the first time around. I also added in a few more pictures that I thought would add to my posts. It was nice to read some of my posts. I think they improved a little bit as I’ve posted more. I’ve noticed that writing them has gotten a lot smoother for me because I feel more comfortable posting on my blog. I think I have also found more of my voice, compared to when I first started.

This week I enjoyed writing my posts a little more because I included more personal stories in them. I think I am going to continue to add some personal stories in. I think it helps the blog and gives it a good balance so that the posts don’t sound overly serious or too formal. In my post Ghost Stories Part 3I talked about a place I’ve actually driven by and that is in Minnesota so I enjoyed that one. That post is also one where I included one of my stories.

Another topic I posted last week was Shadow PeopleI also had some fun looking up information for that one. There was just so much more to it then I had expected. I learned a lot of new things. There was a part about some of the brain’s functioning that I thought was interesting. I wrote a paragraph about that because I thought it might be interesting to the reader. I found a video posted about the topic on Youtube too. It was by a pretty popular blogger that I used to watch so I put that in the post as well.

My first post of the week was Men in BlackI thought this would be an interesting topic because of it’s popularity. There is even a film franchise with Will Smith in it. I remember watching the movies growing up so I thought it would be fun. It was a pretty interesting topic. I found out there are all kinds of people who believe in things like this. One of those people being Dan Akyroyd, from Ghost Busters.

My last post of the week was Bloody Mary. This was another post I included a personal story in. I remember this particular topic being pretty terrifying when I was growing up so I wanted to add something to balance this post out. I didn’t want it to be too creepy. In this post I also found out some information that I wasn’t expecting so that is always interesting. It makes researching the topic more interesting and enjoyable sometimes.

Overall, I enjoyed posting this week. I have more topics I want to write about so I am going to plan them out for the remainder of the semester. I know what I want to post about and I’m looking forward to doing some research.


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