Weekly Report #4

I think this past week of posting went better than the last. I posted two topics that were related so I think that helped with my organization. When I was researching for those topics, I could use similar sources. So far I have found a few websites that hold a lot of good information for some of my topics. I have used the sites Ancient Origins, Live Science, and Animal Planet multiple times as Roswell UFO IncidentRoswell UFO Incidentources of information. I also use Wikipedia a lot too. I use Wikipedia to get an exact definition of my topic first. That is how I have been starting most of my posts.

This past week I also started something new. I had an idea, that I could post some kind of ghost story every week. I made my first post for that– Ghost Stories: Part One. This way I will have a sort theme to post once a week. Besides this post, I will still be posting other random topics having to do with the supernatural.

I’ve found that after you get used to posting frequently, it gets a bit easier. For me, my researching and writing for the posts seemed to flow better. I think I was more efficient. I have a better idea of what kind of sites I want to look at for research and also where to get pictures for my posts. I also know how I like my posts to be set up. I have more of a system down now then when I first started. I started going by a schedule. I chose what topics I wanted to write about this past week ahead of time and I think that really helped.

One thing I think I should do is pick out more topics ahead of time. I know this is a pretty broad category so I want to make sure I get enough topics for each category on my blog. I also want to make sure I get enough information on each post so they don’t seem empty or leave the reader confused. At first I struggled with finding some good sources of information but I think things have gotten a lot better. There are some sites I will go to first to find information. The only problem is if my preferred sources don’t have enough.

Two of my topics this past week– Area 51 and Roswell UFO Incident weren’t exactly found on some of the main sources I’ve been using but I could still find some decent ones. Overall, I thought they were pretty interesting and entertaining topics to write about so I think the posts for those went well.

My other post for the past week was the Jersey Devil. That was also an interesting topic to write about but it was a little harder to find decent sources for. Either way, these topics  are not popular because of a factual basis, it is because of their interesting stories. My goal is to tell these stories on my blog based on what I read about them from other sources. My goal is to entertain the reader but I would also like to do that as accurately as possible based on the original myth, legend, etc. This has been a bit of a challenge but so far I have enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to posting more of these topics to my blog. I’m also looking forward to doing the studio tours this week as well.





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