Week Report #3

This past week I had some fun posting about new topics. I posted about The Loch Ness monsterHell’s Gate BridgeESP: Extrasensory Perception, and Siren.

I didn’t really run into any problems. There was just a few issues I kind of noticed. When writing about certain topics on one blog, I know that it is important to be consistent. I noticed once or twice that wrote things slightly a bit differently. For example, the works cited part of my posts. So I had to go back and change things to make sure they were generally the same. I want every post for the most part, to be about different topics but be consistent with the format of each post.

I also noticed that a few topics were a bit harder to find information on than others. Hell’s Gate Bridge was a post that took a little more time to research because it was hard to find different information. The majority of sites had the same information and there wasn’t a lot of information on each one. I had to search in the comments section of a site to really get some stories and background on the topic.

One other thing I noticed with my post Siren, is that there are websites with different information. Sometimes when researching, different websites have information that contradict each other so it was a little bit of a struggle to figure out how to incorporate it into my post. With a lot of myths and legends, their stories have been told for years so it would make sense that there are different versions and that people believe in different things. As long as I made sure to keep the information straight and also put in the post that the information can differ it worked out fine.

I didn’t have all of my topics picked out time this week. I don’t think this was too big of an issue but I do think that they would have been better if I had chosen them more ahead of time. I had to look up some ideas for topics at one point. In the future I want to avoid this. I think I will have more time to research it I pick these topics ahead of time; therefor making a better post.

This week I plan to follow a more strict schedule and do some research on the topics ahead of time to make sure that I can post about them in a way that will be entertaining and not overly time consuming. If there is a decent amount of information on them and the information is clear, I will continue research and start writing the post. I look forward to continuing on with my project this week and also seeing what my classmates have posted so far.


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