Weekly Report #2

I realized that I was supposed to post this report on Monday and for that I apologize. I was coming back from break and I missed it. Over the course of that week I had a lot of fun choosing different topics. One thing I did realize is that it was a lot more work than I had imagined. It takes a decent amount of time to do the proper research and write up the blog post. Not to mention citing the sources, organizing the post, and finding decent photos.

That past week I wrote these blog posts:



The Banshee

The Leprechaun

One thing I decided to do was use Wikipedia as a starting point for most of my posts. If Wikipedia has a defintion on my topic, I put that first to sort of explain what it is. Then I continue on with more information from other sources. I think this has been a good introduction to some of the topics I’ve been writing about. They are not exactly the most factual or scientific topics so I think it helps to be able to post a specific definition. Especially from Wikipedia, because a lot of people have contributed to these pages so there is a lot of information added over time. The topics have been researched and this particular information is up-to-date.

I had fun posting about these topics this past week. I found out that Animal Planet actually had a lot of information on Big Foot. I was happy to find a good, well-known source of information. I was really surprised by a lot of the sources I found. When I was researching Leprechauns I actually found a website that had a live feed going. It was connected to a camera set up in a field of Ireland. I think the creators of this site were hoping to catch some supernatural footage. I used the same site for my post about Banshees and the Wendigo. It was nice to be able to use a source I was familiar with for two topics. I think this made it easier for research, it might have made it more time efficient. I have an idea of some of the topics I want to post next week but I might see what this particular site has on it first. I might try looking at some of the topics some of my other preferred sources have shared information on. I think this could potentially make my posts better.

I think I mostly just need to make a weekly schedule of when I want to post. Some topics take more time so they need more than one day. Some topics also need more sources than others just like more topics take more research time. I plan on picking topics in advance based on those factors for certain days of the week because some days you just have more time than others. I don’t plan on missing any weekly reports from now on. I will put reminder on my phone just in case. I am looking forward to continuing on with my project and reading what my classmates have posted so far.


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