Weekly Report #1

This week I started my blog The Darker Side. I really enjoyed setting it up. I liked getting to choose the theme, color scheme, and font. I had a little trouble setting up the menu the way I wanted it to be. When I went to edit it, it showed the other categories I had on the menu but then when I went to visit my site they didn’t show up. It was a little frustrating but I think I figured it out. WordPress isn’t a super confusing site but I think if I hadn’t already created a blog on it at the beginning of the semester then I would have had more problems. I probably would have been a lot more confused. I wasn’t really sure how I wanted my blog to look exactly when I started. After experimentin a little bit with the different schemes I finally made a decision. I think the decisions I made will compliment my blog topics well. I wanted it to give off a certain vibe and I think it does that.

I made two posts so far. One was just to introduce myself and talk about what I want to acheive with this blog. I wanted the readers to know that I don’t actually believe 100% in the topics I’m writing about but I find them very interesting. My main goal is to entertain and also share some information on these interesting topics. The other was my first topic post, which is Bigfoot. It took me awhile to look up information but I had fun with it. I was surprised to find that Animal Planet had a good article on it. The article had a lot of good, interesting information in it. I hope people find the post entertaining. I know I found the research part entertaining. It is work but I did enjoy it. I think it’s better when you are really interested in the topics you are posting about. I think I had more motivation because of this. It didn’t really feel like normal homework. I wasn’t dreading it like I would a math assignment or chem lab homework. I plan to post three other times this week. I already have one finished but I have two more left to write. I already know which topics I will be writing about though.

All in all, I enjoyed starting my project this week. There was just a few minor difficulties but for the most part everything went really well. I think the process of posting will also get better the more I post. I’m still getting used to how it all works and how I want my posts to be organized. I’m still wondering how I should be doing the works cited part of my posts but I have a pretty good idea on what I would like it to look like. But I’m looking forward to learning more and continuing on with my project this semester. I’m also looking forward to looking at the blogs my classmates have created.


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