I think the assignment to take notes on my wiki went decently well. I took a class last semester and we used wiki so it wasn’t an entirely new thing to me. I don’t think I know enough about them but I know enough to get my work done. I think that is why I liked this particular assignment because I got to learn about them a little bit more.

I think wikis are extremely useful. I think it’s cool that it is kind of a community thing. People can add information to a page and it helps people gain knowlege on a particular topic. I’ve heard from a few that wiki isn’t always a reliable source for information but I learned after reading some of those articles and posts that it is actually a lot better than some people might think. Wiki does have rules and regulations. Some wikis are monitored. It’s not about strangers typing in random information. These pages teach and have value.

I appreciate how wikis are set up. They are definitely a different kind of writing. I like how the text is seperated into sections by headings. I like that there is a little more free range with form and style. The headings don’t have to be so boring. They can ask a question, for example. I also like how there are pictures through out. I think this keeps it interesting and also compliments the content.

After reading this assignment I definitely learned more about wikis. I don’t think I know nearly enough but I’m looking forward to learning more.

What do you think about wikis? How often do you use them to get information?



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