Social Media and Your Voice

I was reading Danah Boyd’s article “Am I a Blogger?” and it really had me thinking about things. Boyd talks about how having a blog is a really great thing because it can give you a voice.

What my blog is to me and to others has shifted tremendously over the years. For the first five years, my blog was read by roughly four people. That was fine because I wasn’t thinking about audience. I was blogging to think, to process, to understand. To understand myself and the world around me. – Danah Boyd

She said it helped her because she could express herself and organize her thoughts. Her blog started out as something she just did for herself. She didn’t try to connect with others or really join the blogging community. She blogged for herself. Then her blog grew and it became an important one in the blogger community. Blogs can be important and useful to others. It can provide good information and also connections. Blogs are not only good for the readers but also for the bloggers themselves.

I’ve spent the last decade studying teenagers and their relationship to social media — in effect, their relationship to public life. Through the process, I’ve watched many of them struggle with what it means to be public, what it means to have a public voice — all in an environment where young people are not encouraged to be a part of public life. – Danah Boyd

It is good for people to have their own voice and be able to share their thoughts however they wish to. Blogs and social media are great ways for people to have a voice but in their own way. They can choose what they want to share and who their audience is. They can put their accounts on private or only add certain people to be connected to their accounts. They can share pictures, videos, and posts about whatever they choose. They choose what they want to show the public or their “audience.”

Participants have a sense of audience in every mediated conversation, whether on instant messenger or through blog comments. This audience is often imagined and constructed by an individual in order to present themselves appropriately, based on technological affordances and immediate social context. – Marwick and Boyd

There are tons of places online where people can share their voice. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Word Press, Tumblr, etc. In Marwick and Boyd’s article “New Media and Society,” they talk about how people often post for a specific audience in mind. This particular audience may not even see or read the post but it can still be helpful to the person who is posting. People can feel like they are getting their thoughts and opinions out. They are sharing what is important to them, which can be benefical to them and even therapeutic at times.

Vine used to be a part of the social media community. People could post six second videos. A lot of people would share snippets of their life, a lot of these things would be considered comedic. A lot of the people posting on vine became sort of famous in a way. I watched some interviews of people who got some fame from posting their videos on vine. A lot of these people said they were just kids trying to share they humor with the world. They said they didn’t have a lot of friends so this was their way to connect with the world. There was a lot of positive feedback and it made a great impact on their lives. They got the chance to share their voice with the world and they were bettered from it. I think that is pretty cool. One of these Vine stars is Liza Koshy. She is pretty famous now and her career has really taken off after she started posting on Vine a few years ago. Another one of these famous Vine stars is Logan Paul. Although he was involved in a recent scandal which you probably heard about on the news, he has had a pretty successful career after being able to share his voice on the web.

Does you think it’s beneficial to share your voice on the web?


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  1. I think it’s beneficial to speak up online because it gives one a voice that they might not use if they were in a big crowd, etc. Though, I do think that people should be careful when they do put stuff online because it will always be there.


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