Categories of Blogs and Blogs as Literature

I was reading the article The Labyrinth Unbound: Weblogs as Literature by Steve Himmer and it got me thinking about all of the different kinds of blogs out there. There are blogs that are like diaries and blogs about certain kinds of things like science or math. There are blogs that give advice and there are blogs that even ask questions, hoping that they can connect with other bloggers or their readers. All of these could be considered literature. I looked up the definition of literature on Google. One of these definitions said that literature is “books and writings written on a particular subject.” This could classify a lot of what people write on blogs as literature.

“Lanier works at an urban teen center in Massachusetts, and frequently addresses the intimate details of her life and her work. Duemer is a poet and professor of English in upstate New York, and his weblog focuses on political and cultural fascinations. Woods offers an encyclopedic daily compendium of literary and cultural artifacts, and reveals no more about his offline life than that he writes from Ontario, Canada.” – Himmer

Each blog can be put into a certain kind of category just like books or magazines or scholarly journals. The majority of my personal posts would probably be considered more in the personal or “diary” category because I write a lot about stuff going on in my life. Finding Ada is a blog that would be put into the science category. It is a blog that highlights the scientific discoveries and experiments done by women. Tiny Buddha is a blog that gives advice and tries to inspire people in every day life. That could be put into the advice category. Life Hack is another blog that could be put into the advice blog category. It tells about hacks to make your everyday life more easier. There are even blogs to help teach you how to write your own blog more successfully.
These blogs that can be put into all different kinds of categories because they are a kind of literature. People can get important information from blogs much like they do from the news. Blogs have made it easier for people to get the specific informatin they are looking for. There are blogs that keep up with the news if people don’t want to turn on their television, maybe they would rather read about it. There are blogs that keep up with current events and blogs that write about politics. There are even blogs that allow you to keep up with your favorite sports teams.
Blogs in Plain English is a video that shows some of the different kinds of categories of blogs. The video also talks about how blogs have grown and become a valuable resource containing all kinds of information.


“Calling a weblog “literary” does not require content that is about literature or even content that aims to be literature.” –  Himmer

There are millions of blogs out there with interesting and useful information ready at your disposal. After reading about all of these different kinds of blogs and looking at them in this different kind of way (as a kind of literature). I will definitely take advantage of these online sources more often.


What kinds of blog categories do you find interesting? What kinds of blogs do you find helpful with your studies or even just everyday life?



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