The Overshare of Information on Blogs

While I was reading Mortensen’s article, it made me think about how many things are shared on the internet everyday, often in blogs. It made me think about how many of these things are unnecessary to share.

Mortensen says, “The Internet brings that which never before was visible into the light of the day, mingling public information with private tidbits from which the public should perhaps be spared.”

Mortensen talks about how blogs are often like journals or diaries. Some of the information shared on these blogs might have been better left off the internet. This information might just be uninteresting to some and it might be skipped over. But what if this information could be harmful in some way?

I found another article called Blogs Gone Bad, that gave examples of what happens when too much information is posted.

There is no denying that blogs — the “web logs” that now supply so much information, gossip, humor, and commentary online — have already begun to exert a significant influence on American political and cultural life. – The New Atlantis

In this article is talks about how many people who blog have lost their jobs because of what they have posted on the internet. One woman worked for Delta Airlines as a flight attendant. She had a blog she posted on frequently. She started sharing inappropriate information, including that of her job at Delta. Delta found out about this and fired her right away because they didn’t want someone who was posting inappropriate things online to be working for them.

Another incident is when Google fired one of it’s employees for posting private information about his job. He posted stories about his job at Google and also about their company policies. Google wasn’t okay with their employee posting this information about their company on the internet so they fired him.

The overshare of information on blogs can not only harm the blogger themselves but also the readers and possibly the people involved with the blogger. One Senate staff member had a blog and she began posting things about her life and job that were probably better left off of the internet. She talked about all of the affairs she’s had, particularly people she works with. She never mentioned names in any of her posts but she did say that one of these men was the chief of staff at a federal agency. This caused the readers of her blog to draw conclusions. Many of her readers posted pictures in the comments section of her blog and accused many people of being a part of her infidelity. This embarrassed many people and put a strain on a lot of families and their lives.

These examples show how blogging can be bad if people share the wrong information with their readers. It can cause harm to innocent people and even themselves. Many people have been fired because of their activity on the internet and many have been effected by this over-share of information.

“The increasing importance of blogs as a source of news has been the subject of a great deal of controversy and speculation, and the role of blogs in last year’s presidential campaign has been widely recognized.” – The New Atlantis

I think blogs can be a very useful tool. Blogs can be a good way to share information and connect with others. People just have to be careful what they share because there are so many people that can access that information. If the wrong information gets put on the internet then this can have major consequences.

After reading these articles I will definitely be more mindful of what I post on the internet. Do you agree with Mortensen? Are you cautious with what you post on the internet?


2 thoughts on “The Overshare of Information on Blogs

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  1. I’m very mindful of the “overshare.” I’ve lived pretty much “off the grid” up until now. I wonder how to proceed though with my kids. My boys want to post videos on youtube or have their own youtube channel, and it’s just not something I’m comfortable with – at least I need to learn more about it. Great information in your post!

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  2. Yes, I am very cautious of the information I put on the internet, some to keep my identity safe from theft, and others to keep my kids safe from online predators. I am also aware of how things can be taken out of context so easily on the net.

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