The Blog: A Way To Make Connections

When I used to think of a blog, I thought it was basically people giving other people life advice and things like that. I wasn’t always very interested in them. I still thought they were useful but I didn’t really think that much about them. As I got older I read more of them and realized they could be a great place to gather information. Also a great place to find a kind of understanding. There are a lot of things people can have in common with each other. I think that everyone has problems going on in their life. Sometimes it is easier to accept those problems or feel better about them when you know people are going through similar situations. You find out you are not alone and that everyone is going through life in similar ways. We all have things we enjoy like cooking. We all have things that we don’t like… maybe taking taxis or dealing with certain kinds of situations. We are all connected to each other and I think it’s nice to know that. I think that blogs are a good way to make those connections.

I thought about this a little bit while reading Rebecca Blood’s article. She says, “It would be too much to call this type of weblog “independent media,” but clearly their editors, engaged in seeking out and evaluating the “facts” that are presented to us each day, resemble the public that Ruggiero speaks of.” This also made me think about how it is important to reach out to the readers. If they can relate to what you write or understand it, then they will probably keep reading. In Rebecca Blood’s article she talks about the history of weblogs. She mentions that Cameron Barrett a popular blogger started sharing other blogs on his website and this sparked people’s interest. More and more people wanted to start reading about what other people had to say. More and more people also started creating blogs to share their thoughts and ideas because it seemed like people were really interesting in hearing what other people had to say. From then on blogging grew into what it is now, many people sharing their lives, thoughts, and ideas with others. It is a huge and important part of the web.

In Lilia Effimova’s article she wrote, “Blogging is frequently viewed as a medium for public communication: it is reasonable to assume that those who do not want their words to be read by a broad audience would use another medium.” She used her blog to organize her thinking and share her work. She said that conversations and networking resulted from her blogging and that it became an important part of her work. Even in her work she used it as a kind of journal. Blogs are not only a great way to share information with others but they are also great to use for yourself. Not only will people be reading your thoughts but when typing this information into your blog it can be useful to you. It can help you organize your thoughts and help you discover thinngs you may not have even realized before. It can be used as a tool. It can benefit you and the reader.

Blogging is a great way to communicate with others. It can be beneficial to everyone, including yourself. Many people rely on blogs for information, advice, or entertainment. Blogs are a part of everyday life and their importance is growing more and more.

Here are some other blogs that offer interesting information, entertainment, and advice on everyday life:



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