Hi everyone,

My name is Abbie. I’m from a small town called Ely. I lived there my whole life, before coming to Bemidji State University three years ago. I wanted to go somewhere new that wasn’t overly big so it wasn’t such a shock. Bemidji was the perfect place for me to go to school and be my new home. It is a lot like my hometown. It still has the rural feel yet has everything you need. It has more places to go to like the mall and many restaurants but it’s not too big like the twin cities. It was a great place for me grow without feeling overwhelmed.

I like Bemidji State because most of the classes are small and the campus isn’t too big. They have a good writing program as well. I have always liked to write too so it seemed like the perfect fit for me. I used to write for my high school newspaper and I really enjoyed that. I’m not really sure what I want to do with my degree in writing yet but I figure as long as I major in what I love then I will figure out the rest with time.

I like to read a lot. I’m a big fan of Stephen King books but I don’t limit myself to just the horror genre. I try to read a little bit of everything, much like what I like to listen to for music and what I like to watch on tv. My interests are kind of all over the place. One day I’ll be watching the movie The Terminator and the next day I’ll be watching an episode of Friends. Another day I will be reading It and the next I will be reading Finnegans Wake.

There are many things I love about life but one of my favorites is that each and every day   can be totally different. One day you could be climbing a mountain or biking on tough terrain and the next you could be confined to the couch for twelve hours watching Netflix (for this I have no shame). I’m a big fan of biking and running but I also love watching tv. My favorite thing to eat is any kind of Mexican food. I have a goldfish named Hector whom I love with all of my heart. It may seem silly but I think we have a very close bond. He even lets me pet his fins.

My past fews years at BSU I have been involved in the Criminal Justice Club, Relay for Life, the Soup Kitchen, S.O.S., and Odyssey. I’m always looking for new things to try and new ways to get involved. I have one year left at Bemidji and I’m looking forward to it but also what’s beyond graduation.


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  1. Hi Abbie! It’s nice to meet you! I too like how each day can be completely different. While I wasn’t born in Minnesota, I have lived here much of my life, and I think one of the reasons I love Minnesota is the four seasons. Each season brings with it new opportunities for totally different adventures. The same hill that you spend hot summer days hiking can become an exhilarating sled ride when the snow falls.
    Nice job setting up your blog! I’m so relieved to hear I am not the only novice at this.


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